Istanbul government continues to lead Türkiye and the world

The Ukraine crisis will be ended.

All of the so-called refugees including the so-called citizens will be expelled.

The USA bases and the NATO bases will be expelled from Turkiye.

The legal and long-delayed operations will be carried out against the islamic communities especially against the Süleymancılar community.

The Syria crisis will be ended.

The terror and division in the North Iraq will be completely annihilated. The territorial administration in the region will be divided.

Neither an army nor a bullet of an army or a military alliance will be left in Greece except the so-called army of Greece. Not even one soldier of them will be left in Greece.

Our Aegean islands will be returned to us and everyone will recognize this right of ours.

The entire Cyprus island is the land of Turkiye. Cyprus is one part and it cannot be divided. Cyprus will be reshaped and balanced. There will be no invasion force in the island. England and Israel will stay away from Cyprus. All of the parties will recognize the fact that Cyprus belongs Turkiye.

All of the organ and human trafficking and prostitution by force will be stopped completely and immediately in entire Turkiye.

A real operation will be carried out against the Adnan Oktar crime organization. They will be trialed, punished and collapsed for real.

There are still thousands of members of the Adnan Oktar crime organizations in the press, media, social media, in the industry, in the courthouse and in official institutions.

Turkiye will leave NATO, G20 and similar organizations oficially and immediately. Turkiye will officially declare the Power Alliance (MI) and will be the founder member of the organization.

The diplomatic relations with Azerbaijan will be ended. There will not even be an honorary consol in Turkiye. There will be no trade between these countries.

The diplomatic relations with Bulgaria, Hungary and Russia will be ended. There will not even be an honorary consol in Turkiye. There will be no trade between these countries.

Real operations will be carried out against FETO. FETO will be collapsed for real. The religious communities are full of the members of FETO. They are intertwined with every cesspool from the Adnan Oktar crime organization to PKK.

Turkiye will immediately be a state of law.

There will be no Ukrainian and Russian tourists left in Turkiye. We will not allow them to turn our country into a cursed place either.

Even those who bought property and become a so-called citizens will be expelled. Those who won’t leave the country will be thrown out.

Co-educational system will be abolished. Tens of so-called universities which are nothing but a fraudsters will be closed immediately. The so-called diplomas they gave will be canceled and will be invalid. There will be honesty and truth in very job and the law will prevailed.

Turkiye will immediately turn into a reliable state of law in a month and the real investors who will make billions of dollars worth investments say, “I couldn’t imagine this”.

All of the Tv prostitutes will be arrested. They will never see the sunlight again. We will never allow anyone to use the broadcasting as a collapsing weapon.

All of the fake hodjas will be arrested and they will never see the sunlight again. We will not allow the insidious attacks to the real religious values that keep the nation on its own feet.

There will be national security in Turkiye.

Tiktok will be banned immediately.

Instead of expelling over 20 million so-called refugees to solve the housing problems, reduce the high rents and solve various problems the people are fed up with…

The secret Armenian, the secret Jew and mason so-called officials who say, “we will solve the housing problem by openning the treasure lands for development” will be hanged.

Their corpses will not even be allowed to burried into the treasure lands.

Even the bloodlines of these bastards who are still, still trying to give away Turkiye to foreigners will be eradicated, if necessary.

They will be punished for millions of Turkish children who go to bed hungry. Those who feed the invaders with the money of these children will be hanged.

The diplomatic relations will be ended completely with Egypt. There will not even be an honorary consol in Turkiye. There will be no trade between these countries.

We will open a gap between Turkiye and the African countries who are chasing after Russia. Turkiye will not even consider them as an interlocutor. They will have no place in the new world that will be established under the leadership of Turkiye.

I never made publications aimlessly and I am still not. I am pretty serious. There are so much more to happen in a short time. Turkiye will change the world when it is changing itself.

No matter what religion they are, those who have no defective genes and especially gypsy genes among the Republics who will prefer to include in Turkiye in the Russian Federation will be accepted. They will be Turkish lands.

Turkiye will not have a friendship and partnership with Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Indonesia and Malesia who are known muslim countries but serious defective gene problems are widely seen throughout their society.

Turkiye will do its part to collapse the so-called Kingdom in Brunei and to take this card from the Ankebut Cult. Everyone who will standing on the wrong side will pay the price for their mistakes.

Shell which is a trouble for the world will be collapsed through Brunei.

Leave the USA. It is risky than ever…

Those who will come across a politician, soldier, businessman who still angry at me anywhere in the world, move away from them quietly by saying that “He is garbage, how empty-headed he is. He is still so ignorant.” Do not try to tell or prove something to them.

They are blinded by ignorance, foolishness, ambition, evilness, anger and grudge. They would lead all of you to bigger problems and even disasters. They are unqualified people. Do not deceived by their positions. Do not detach from reality.

An establishment called the Supreme Court doesn’t really exist in Turkiye. We will solve the problems with the Supreme Rope.

Putin? Who is he, is he even alive? He was under my foot the last time I saw him… He remained under my foot when he was trying to take me under his foot. So did his pawns…

All of the diplomatic relations will be ended between Turkiye and Belarus which is an artificial country. We will have diplomatic relations with them if Lukashenko who is a money launderer and scum and his gang will be overthrown.

Also we will collapse the black money network between Turkiye and Belarus which has been established through him.

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