Restorative stations

We will build at least five or even eight or twelve “restorative stations” on the coasts of the Marmara sea.

We will also build three or five “portable restorative stations” on huge sea platforms. The fixed and portable stations will be programmed according to the data received from the various points of the Marmara sea. They will be controlled by one center at the top. Only those who are experts in their business and are patriots will be able to work in these centers. The crypto-ID people, masons, satanists and traitors won’t be able to infiltrated in these centers.

These stations will clean the sea water from the garbage and chemical waste with advanced technology. At the same time, the stations will fill the sea with oxygen when it’s necessary. Around the same time, these stations will fish with automatical systems and will cover most of the expenses of the restorative stations by selling the fish. The Marmara sea will always be a clean and healthy sea. The people all around the world will want to buy the very healty fish in this sea.

There will be very few people working in these stations. Petrol, gasoline or similar fuels will not be used. The oxygen gas from the air will be used and also solar energy will be used. The works which seen as very expensive and difficult will be done with very low costs and with few people.

This system will have hundreds of tiny vehicles constantly patrolling at the bottom of the sea. These tiny vehicles under the sea will be used for security purpose on the one hand, on the other hand they will detect the abnormal rise of temperature and gas of the water and the points where the temperature and gas rise occur and will report that to the “early detection system” and the experts will take care of the points where the problems occur immediately. They will conduct drilling activities, if necessary. If necessary, the gas will be carried out of the surface with pipes. If the gas is usable, it will be stored and used. These works will be very facilitated, accelerated with advanced technology and will be low cost.

If one percent of the money to support the cement factories would have been spent for the experts and scientific studies to develop new-generation construction materials, the whole world been already saved from the cement/concrete which destroy our livers and skin, cause canser, damage fertility and decrease brain activity.

The diseases would be noticeably reduced. Even the mental diseases would be reduced. Unrest, arguements and conflicted environments would be reduced. The construction expenses would have come down. Construction processes would be shorthened. The usage period of the houses would be lengthened. There would be great progress in increasing cost of living.

But the masons do not want these as well. They are always after devilry, exploitation and evil.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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