We will clean up the both ground and underground in Turkmenistan

Ashkhabad is not my business. I have warned them many times. They didn’t understand, they didn’t even listen. Also the people who keep them in power didn’t make any effort. They chose their own end.

I am a nationalist, not a racist. I am fair. I wouldn’t show any privilege, defend or lead those to righteousness who are not on the right path just because of they are Turkish or half Turkish. Everyone get what they deserve.

We will clean under the ground first and then above the ground in Turkmenistan… The above can be cleaned when we clean under the ground. The details can be changed.

But, it is understood from their own preferences that there will be no country called Turkmenistan and those ancient lands of ours will be included in Turkiye. By force of arms, if necessary…

A Turk who are a pawn of Russia, China or England does not deserve to be alive. A Turk who are making excuses by saying that “I am not a pawn of them but the traitors who were infiltrated in power do” and makes no effort does not deserve to be alive, either.

The unchangeable end of being a pawn is always the same. They are being thrown away.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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