Everywhere is fire place

If even the immortal ones are dying, those who are mortal will die either.

It is snowing in the plazas. It is only a matter of time before it turns into a snowstorm…

The stock market is already crashed and all indicators are false and lie… There is no money, investor, plan that work, all the doors are closed and there is no way out, there is no longer hope.

A state and a government cannot be ruled with beggary. It is not possible to be an IBAN republic.

The organized indistrual zones are also rebelling.

Turkiye has turned into hell but the press and the media is under control through masonry, CIA and tens of countries’ secret intelligences. The violence and the scale of the censorship are increasing each day. They are losing time with algorithmic games.

The tens of countries who are trying so hard to prevent the fall of Ankara government are wasting their time with on things have no sense, no benefit and future. They behave stubbornly, they cause increase in the damage and loss, they make the people lose their patience and are censoring the communication.

Thus, they lit the fuse of the most dangerous bomb of the world. It is a highly destructive bomb formed by tens of millions of people in hunger and people in tens of huge problems…

All the giant companies including Amazon, Apple, Tesla, Alibaba, Samsung, Sony, Huawei are shaking. At this rate, these companies will enter into crises openly this time and will go bankrupt. Everything from their facilities, machines, offices, ware houses, products, employees to their ships, the ships and even trains carrying their products exposing to our metaphysical signals and will continue to exposed it.

The global trade will almost come to a standstill. It will drive giant companies to bankruptcy more than the small companies in a short time.

Everything of every companies/bosses who are supporting the Ankara government around the world are exposing to our signals.

The servers, computers and machines of Huawei are go down oftenly, even its employees are confused… Even their softwares are malfunctioning. They do not understand how all of these are possible.

Stay away from Huawei.

It is a grave crime against humanity that Japan has started to release one million tons of radioactive water at the Fukushima into the ocean.

Also, silence of all of the countries against this grave crime is also a crime. Whenever you turn from loss, there is gain. The release of the radioactive water to the ocean must be prevented.

The nuclear power plants must be banned all over the world. The humanity doesn’t need the nuclear power and the nuclear power plants to meet its energy needs. The alternative and very clean energy extracting techniques are prevented from being implemented in the field.

– Hello! It’s a call from the USA. The White House has collapsed. The game is up.

– Hello! It’s a call from England. We have collapsed, either and we gave up.

– Hello! It’s a call from Pekin, it’s Pekin… We are all screwed up. If the things we are hiding will become a subject in the world press, you will collapse with us.

– Hello! We are calling from the South Korea. We are also in very bad situation. The fact that we are an inflated baloon can be revealed at any moment. We don’t know how to hide it. There is no room for action left for us. We are about to give up.

– Hello! It’s a call from the Saudi America. We cannot go out to the streets from fear. We haven’t seen day light for months. Everyday, we experience different disasters… The recent lightnings seemed to be coordinated. Everyone is in fear here, they have no longer hope. We can’t keep the teams together and active. Our system is about to collapse. We are also concerned if the great disasters are coming. The oracles/mediums who are respected here are not saying good things. What should we do, help us find a way out. This cannot continue this way.

The projects we promoted in recent years are has gone rubbish now. Even the prince Salman is rubbish here. We cannot find a way out.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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