We are signaling the traitorous personnel of TCG ANADOLU

From now on, we will strike the traitor and money launderer personnel who are under the command of Israel, England and the USA with our metaphysical signals.

We will strike all of the traitors, pawns, money launderers in our military ships and submarines with our metaphysical signals.

The entire world will see that Turkiye is not a colonial country and that no one can keep Turkiye under a covert invasion.

The bitter end of those who make our country engage with Israel’s and the USA’s terrorist, money launderer pawns who are Turkish enemies and those who even visited them personally is very near.

We will deal with every traitors who divided Iraq and call it the North Iraq.

No matter what their name are, Hakan, Serok Ahmet, Tayyip, Bahçeli or Abdullah Gül, we will deal with them.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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