Syria is not belong to the Assad family

I will distrupt the black money businesses of Syria more. The currency of Syria will become worth less. Their fuel and food problems will increase. I will also burn the oil wells in that country.

I will expell millions of so-called refugees to Syria. I will send millions of refugees even who are not Syrians to Syria. I will turn Syria into hell. Neither Asad nor Putin nor London who uses them won’t be able to suppress those in hunger in Syria.

Those who pursue evil goals by choosing to follow the London gypsies and the Israeli gypsies, those who think that they set up a trap for Istanbul instead of doing multibillion-dollar major and clean projects are deadlocked. There is no way forward for them. And if they give up, it would be a destructive and collapsing move.

Israel and England were not in good conditions while they were distracting all of these countries and big companies with idiotic point of views, with simple games and by putting them in a dead-end road but now not only Syria, England and Israel are in very bad conditions. They are collapsed and destroyed.

China supposed to be the new colonist and the new owner of the Middle East. But it doesn’t even have the power to carry its own burden. China baloon is already exploded. Also Russia doesn’t have the conditions to solve their own problems and is already collapsed. Their last Africa games didn’t work.

I have already warned all the parties on these matters. So, despite all the warnings, those who follow the foolish plans of the gypsies can go to hell…

Istanbul? As you see, it is still in existence and twenty times stronger than before.

By the way, where are the gypsies called Arabs of UAE, what are they doing? Can’t Asad get money from them? Can’t he suppress those suffering from starvation?

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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