Wagner may come to Turkiye

My offer still stands. Wagner can come to Turkiye. Soon, I can make them to come to Turkiye easily.

Those who are using Putin who is the dog on a leash think that they set a trap for the patriot fronts both in Russia and Turkiye. I cannot write everything publicly but no one should worry, Istanbul is aware of everything and have the power to respond their simple games. There is no longer an Ankara government or a Moscow government. Military coup and a civil coup can easily occur in both of these countries now. Also, those who were trying to support them fell on their knees. There is victory at dawn.

When we overthrow the Ankara government, we will publicly support all the patriot elements in Russia who are well-intentioned, respectful of human values and all the religions, who wants to live according to their religions in peace with all our means and power. We will stand against all the states/governments who are against the Russian patriots.

A simple game is over before it started. That’s all…
There is no need for unnecessary noise. Let them waste their time. We have no time, not even a minute to waste.
That was all they can do.

The gypsy royals of England who believed that they can keep tens of countries of the world under their control with a handful of gypsies are attempting to do ridiculous things.

Mind your own businesses, complete the last preparations. The world is waiting for us and everything is going perfect for us.

Tayyip’s head will be eaten by the crows. His body will be poured to a well in liquid form. And then, some lime powder will be thrown on him. Then, the well head of the well will be covered.

Putin is falling with Tayyip.

The dream of the prophet Yousef is happening.

Sultan Abdulhamid’s car is hitting Beştepe and demolish it.

The teacher doesn’t want to teach.

There will be power outages on the upper floors of all the buildings but the lower floors will continue to have electricity.

The commercial taxi drivers will be arrested.
The handcuffs on their wrists will tied to each other with iron chains.

Tayyip will be skinned by the parties he never expected. The businessmen in Turkiye who saw this will be terrified. They will have meetings and make decisions urgently.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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