We’re getting those areas on a heavy signal

The companies which manufactures weapon, ammunition, military vehicles, electronic equipment for military, their buildings and electric transformers, the flammable materials inside and outside of their buildings, and also their employees in the USA, Europe and Russia will be exposed to our metaphysical signals.

Those who pre-ordered weapons or vehicles from these companies shouldn’t receive the delivery without testing it. Because they won’t be able to manufacture anything properly until their systems stop completely. If they insist on manufacturing, their losses will increase exponentially. They will cause bankruptcy of their own companies and manufacturing systems.

We will attack with metaphysical signals to all of the car manufacturers in Italy without exception. Their conditions will be bad as much as Tesla’s conditions but they won’t be supported by black money and ads as Tesla. We will also attack to the manufacturing companies who manufactures automotive components for the Italian auto manufacturers. Everything they have including their employees will be exposed to our signals.

We will see which one will be more spoken, the events which will occur in the Straits of the world or the Italian auto manufacturers who won’t be able to produce and sell cars…

Evacuate the Rodos Island.

I cannot stand the fact that our islands are considered to belong Greece any longer. I cannot be patient and carry this heavy burden any longer.

I want to do something crazy. There will be no one left on Rodos island except the animals. There will be no building, weapon, facility, vehicle left which are used by military or the civillians.

Or you know what will happen, I have warned you.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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