Did they leave Turks in Cyprus?

England continue to praise the traitors who are working for them and the deceit, scam and betrayal businesses through them.

England who is making news about the pawns of secret Armenian/gypsy Hakan Fidan to praise them in the country and in the other countries under their command for days has praised his another pawn. Don’t immediately think of the secret Armenian/gypsy crime and terror organization that called the Baykar.

Kenan Poleo who is the Consul General of the UK in Istanbul has praised the deceiving, distracting and defrauding project which is called TOGG of the AKPKK and more specifically of the secret Armenians/gypsies and the secret Armenian/gypsy Gürcan Karakaş:

“We visited Togg with my crew, yesterday. We met to see how and where to make further cooperations with their initiatives in the area of technology and mobility with M. Gürcan Karakaş who is the talented CEO of Togg.”

Did you believe that Kenan Poleo who is the so-called British Consul in Istanbul is from a Turkish Cypriot family who was born in London?

How can they call him a “Turkish Cypriot” if they leave no Turkish people in Cyprus. Look at Kenan carefully. Would he be any different from the gypsies who play and dance in the villages and towns of Turkiye, if you give his hand a drum and a zurna?

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