Confess your crimes, stay alive

Who were those smuggled gold and various jewelries to the USA after the Maraş-based disasters? Which places, roads and vehicles were used for it? Who organised and ran these plunderer gangs and from where? Which so-called embassies were involved in these businesses? Which members of the Ankara government and which deputies in the Turkish Grand National Assembly were involved in it?

I will ensure those masons who will confess honestly to stay alive.

How many doctors have been killed?
In fact, how many people who have various titles and jobs have been killed to keep Tayyip in the game? Is there any journalists and even social media publishers among them?

Which institutions and officials were involved this murder crimes?

Every country who consider the unofficial authority called the Greek Cypriot administration which is a money launderer and traitor gang as an interlocutor are committing a crime. The countries who are sending weapons to them for any reasons have already declared war against Turkiye which will be the only super power of the world in the near future.

Do not compare our struggle for our Cyprus island to the theatre, the collusions between China and Taiwan. It would be a great mistake.

No one should think the field is empty and should let the Southern gang to say anything that will cross the line. The whole world knows that Mfs can change his decisions effortlessly and in all conditions.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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