If you can’t stand the signals…

It is not a misbehaviour, why are you making it an issue? The suicides of people like you is a very good and pleasing thing for humanity. I think you shouldn’t think that much. You already don’t believe God, afterlife or the day of Judgement. So, why are you thinking too much?

Make a golden shot or pull the trigger for the last time. Or you can poison yourselves in a room full of gas. You can also eat some rat poison to make it easily…

You already lived your lives like rats and reptiles. It would be very normal for you to ending your lives with eating rat poison…

The world would be cleaned from a few more gypsies who are working for the Iblees and who are the enemies of humanity.

Do not forget to kill your stunts before you kill yourselves. Otherwise, you kill yourselves but your stunts continue to carry on your dirty businesses and people continue to swear at you after your deaths.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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