Western and Eastern companies are not really competing

The big companies of the West and the East don’t compete with each other as some of you think.

Apple makes moves by observing the balances of the Asia and it doesn’t make any moves to damage them.

Even the Asian companies which produce science and technology products make moves by observing the balances of the Western companies and they do not make any moves to damage them. Despite this, they make collusions to distract people. They even take the legal route. They deceive the lower-class and middle-class groups who don’t know what collusion is.

If they would really compete with each other, the world balances would be completely different now. Science and technology would have advanced far more rapidly than it did, human life would be much easier, many social problems would be solved. The quality of education would be much improved, many health problems would be nearly disappeared. It would be a very surprising thing if a someone dies in a car accident. And so much more, everything would be so different.

Apple never had a goal to sell more. They could sell so much more if they wanted. Their goal was to reach the businessmen, politicians, soldiers all over the world and make them use their products without disrupting the balances of the others in collusion. This is still their foremost goal and Apple is one of the biggest espionage networks in the world…

This network’s extentions reach up to the underground cities of aliens.

Do not forget that it was London that made the USA a super power and now it is trying so hard to make China a super power…

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