Isn’t it time to pull off the masks?

Is the person who is acting like Mr. Kamala in appearance one of the actors of the masked ball?

How is it, are we having fun?

Can’t you damage Mfs physically even though you declared mobilisation around the world and in the system under the ground?

Despite the mobilisation, can’t you still damage Mfs metaphysically and stop his publications?

Are you proud of a couple of your ships that could break the bans during the confusion and turmoil? Besides, you have mobilized to protect those ships. Is it victory, is it power? Can it be sustained?

Why are you trying to ignore countless people and things exposed to the metaphysical signals all around the world during this time?

There is a saying in Turkish, “Exceptions don’t break the rules”. From now on, the expections will not break the rules. Stop trying to console yourselves and mobilise again immediately, pull yourselves together, get back to the field.

How disgraceful the conditions you are in…
There is no company or government without metaphysical teams left. Everyone can see your true states, who are you trying to deceive?

Isn’t it time to pull off the masks?

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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