The world has gotten so weird

The illegal cabinet meetings they held today was a fiasco. It would be better not to held it. They would be humiliated less. They were so embarrassed.

What happened to China? Why is it deflated? Why does it speak up less?

By the way, has the missing minister been found?

The world became a strange place. The ministers are begin to disappear and their safety is unknown. What if the state leaders begin to disappear?

Muharrem Ince, Sinan Oğan, Fatih Erbakan, Meral Akşener and many of them were not much around in Turkiye. There is something going on but it will become apparent what it is…

What happened to the German politicians, can they get on planes again? Could they conquer their terrifying fear?

What happened to the nuclear weapons, nuclear power plants, the nuclear-powered ships and submarines? Is the risk eliminated?

I will stick all the balances of the world into the you-know-whats of the elected or appointed officials and also the celebritities who are still trying to defend LGBT and various perversions and who are making propaganda about them openly or in secret.

Even if the population will decline to two millions, I will clean every kind of perversion and the perverts in this country.

I will destroy the London-based world system who are trying to prevent this, and especially its pawns, Israel and the USA for this purpose.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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