Europe and the USA became a swamp

The more they are struggling, the faster they are sinking.

The white-collar workers will have to leave the USA and Europe. Their health system will stop also. Everything will fall apart after the other technical staffs will leave. If they won’t leave, they won’t be able to receive their salaries.

The blasts and the dukhan will continue and will bot stop. The oceans and the mountains will shake.

The Noah’s flood happened by spreading into years. They haven’t experienced floods, volcanic eruptions in so many regions, major earthquakes, collapses, tornados in a short time. The disasters’ severity and occurrences were escalated in time. When it was on the brink of a smoke/dukhan, it turn into the great flood.

Technology is useless and weak, on the contrary, it causes weakness, security threat, disaster risk.

Now, the countries who have no nuclear bombs are in so much safer conditions. So do the countries who have no nuclear plants…

The most unsafe are the underground cities, even though they have very advanced technology compared to us. It makes no sense to stay in those places. Living in a boat in the middle of the ocean is safer than living in the underground cities.

Say goodbye to the underground cities which support the Ankara government. If you have receivables from those underground cities, take them immediately.

Super blue moon in August 23, 2023 and mind-blowing events…

If they will continue to stand against the Turkish people and support the Ankara government, if they will continue to human and organ trafficking, LGBT activities, exploitation and the dirty businesses that the Iblees wants… Then, I will cause nuclear explosions in Japan and the North Korea.

Turkiye will never be involved if there will be a process of struggle due to Pakistan. Pakistan can go to hell, it doesn’t concern us. We will do favors to our a handful of real muslim brothers and sisters who have right creed, who are decent and well-intentioned among them, later.

Anyone can do anything in Belarus, Turkiye will not get involved. Even a needle of Turkiye will be used on the Belarus matter, Belarus will be the graves of those parties.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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