I’m going to burn them blazingly

Get out of the Grand Bazaar. I will burn it from one end of it to the another. There will be civillian casualties.

Do not stay anywhere who prefered to be burned by supporting Ankara, do not even get close to them.

Stay away from the demonic people like Necdet Ozel and Ilker Başbuğ who are trying to increase their black money income when the homeland is on fire. I will destroy them with their own gangs.

Stay away from the Police Departments in Turkiye and the Police Departments connected to the Ankebut Cult. I will ordered for armed attacks when it’s necessary and I will not allow anyone to run the Police Departments of this country as treachery, invasion, black money Departments.

During the great attempt/rebellion, the Police Departments will be cleaned and will start to serve our state/people again.

I challenged the Iblees yesterday.

Many of the metaphysicists have heard that and know about that. I said to the Iblees, “make all of your jinns stand up who are standing on your side in the jinn realm now, we will go to a great war. Only the cowards will run away. Those who will run should wear a red skirt and establish an association and name it “men with red skirts”. You will sit in the corner of the room.

They ran away. They began to run away while I was talking and they couldn’t enter a war.

They tried evil again. They wanted to make evil interventions from the background insidiously but they couldn’t dare to go to a war. They still haven’t shown up yet.

The patriot bees are after the leading actors of the Grand Bazaar…Those who are supporting the Ankara government should be careful about the bees.

They shouldn’t drink tea or use sugar, they shouldn’t walk or eat too much and they shouldn’t run at all. They should never go on holiday. They shouldn’t sleep more than 3 hours. They should have a professional doctor and a field hospital with them at all times.

Let’s find a couple of stunts for me. Having stunts sounds good…

But those who will be my stunts will have a though job. Because I am unpredictable. It is unclear what I would do or where, when I would hold myself back surprisingly, or when I would change my decision. I don’t even have a standart.

It was said that the gypsy was going to travel to Iraq, why is he travelling to Ukraine, now? Or will he visit there on his way back?

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