What’s really going on in the Panama Canal

200 ships are stuck at the Panama Canal because of the severe drought.

134 ships are waiting to cross the Panama Canal due to congestion resulting from the lack of water due to this year’s severe drought. The historic drought that the Central American country is experiencing has left the reservoirs that feed the canal below minimum levels, which means that ships have to wait between 9 and 11 days to be able to cross. This fact is causing a traffic jam in the Canal which is already having a strong impact on international trade.

Is it the Panama Canal or the Panama River?

How can a water canal be affected by drought if it is being connected to the oceans on two sides? Has the water level dropped in the oceans or what? Is there someone who can explain this to everyone properly?

Or should we directly ask the metaphysicists about it without wasting any time?

Drought is a very, very bad thing…
Even a system like the Panama Canal have can have a crisis because of it and the ships get stuck.

How is this possible if it is surrounded by the oceans on two sides, we don’t understand it technically, there is no point in questioning. Huge states would not lie to us, right?..

Or what do you expect them to say? Do you expect them to say that, “We are making money laundering businesses together with tens of governments. We are doing drug and arm trafficking, we even kidnap humans who are alive and organs. We challenged Mfs, and we hit the hard rock one more time. We were smuggling everything we want by saying its the grain deal. He closed it down. Now we lost the Panama Canal either trying to open it.

Every leader who cannot keep the trade routes open whether be overthrown or get killed. This is the enevitable end.

The traders who have been cut off from the trade routes wouldn’t listen to the excuses, they wouldn’t recognize the State’s leader.

Now, the only real power who can cut off or open the trade routes is Istanbul.

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