We do not recognize the illegitimate and unofficial authority called the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

We will never stand with them as Turkiye if they fall in danger.

We will not stop the Armenians/gypsies or Jewish/gypsies who are playing the role of Turkish from going to hell.

Our goal is to finish black money trafficking, gambling, human and organ trafficking and prostitution in the entire Cyprus island immediately and bring peace to the island.

This cannot happen without the island being burned and destroyed. Even if they will not cause this, we will in the future as Turkiye. We will put out the hell that they called TRNC. We will transform the island into heaven. This will happen with weapons, blood and in accordance with law. We will not treat those who are dehumanized, those who hurt and continue to hurt countless innocent people like a human being. We will not even try to explain anything to them.

Those who are talking contrary to what I wrote in this article from the Ankara wing are talking in vain. They don’t even have the power to protect or save themselves. Turkiye is not a member of the United Nations.

Turkiye is not a member of any organizations that established or run by the masons, jews, satanists or gypsies.

All the signatures signed for becoming a member and agreeing to the terms/contracts of the organizations are signed by the traitor masons, jews, gypsies/Armenians and satanists and are valid.

Turkiye will not take into account the terms in favor of the masons and Israel and that London likes and Turkiye have no liability.

I don’t know if that will be possible but it wouldn’t even be a problem for me if the TRNC can find a way to get closer to Russia.

I am sure that they can find more room for a few more parties in the club of those who have lost and destroyed with Russia. Or the TRNC may get close to China, the USA, the UN or others. In fact, they can fill the illegal region they called the TRNC with the armies of any countries that they want. We will never consider the TRNC as an interlocutor of us. We will never be friendly with them. We will even make them pay for the millions of people whose blood are full of their poison in Turkiye. We will make them pay for the families they tore apart through gambling and prostitution.

If there are those who want to ask for asylum in the USA, England, Russia, China, Germany, Italy, Spain, France or any other countries who cannot even solve their own problems, who cannot feed their own soldiers, who cannot find money for fuel, who cannot provide weapon or ammunition, whose companies going bankrupt everyday, whose citizens are about to rebel, then, they can. They can even ask for asylum in the TRNC. The result will not change.

Everyone have their own free will and have the right to choose. And they will have an end accordingly. The traitors, gypsies, masons who are playing the role of Turkish can ask for asylum in any country that they want. It doesn’t bother me at all. I am sure that I will destroy all of the asylum seekers.

Lebanon should make its last decision, either. It will never have another opportunity.

The Cyprus island is not an island of Israel, England or the gypsies.

We are disrupting the game of the parties who keep holding the control of the island in all conditions by collusion, who uses the divide and conquer tactic. Even if you call them English, Israeli or the Armenians in Turkiye, it doesn’t change the fact that they are gypsies…

It is not hard to understand. It is so clear. The place they called the TRNC is another pawn who work for the same gypsies and nothing else.

The Cyprus island cannot be made a black money island. And no one, no group and no country can remain unresponsive to the unlawfulness and even the savagery in there.

Falyalı who was a wicked men was a also a gypsy. Alaaddin Çakıcı who is presented as a Turkish and a patriot, even though he commited every kind of illegality, injustice and dirtiness from the beginning and all the people like him are gypsies…

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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