Why is there no food security in Turkiye?

Why can’t the people who are struggling for our people not to be defrauded find the government on their side?

Why don’t the ministries, judicial officials, administrative officials, law-enforcement officers or the press members stand with them?

Is it England who run our state system directly?

From who do these arrogant companies who are even intending to kill us receive support to make these evil to the Turkish people? What gives those who are already caught red handed the right to keep the justice system busy? Why aren’t the judicial officials doing what needs to be done?

Is it the duty of the citizens and the volunteers to supervising the food’s safety? Even after all these years, why don’t the relevant institutions and organizations of our state fulfill their duties?

Our patient is ran out. We are prisoners and are being mistreated in our own country. Someone should tell us if we are an undeclared colony?

The authoritative gypsies, masons, Jews, Armenians who are trying to lock and to fit our state system to England, Israel, the USA, Russia, France, China and who are serving the interest of them should be arrested and hanged.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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