We also deceived about the cats issue

– It is not true that our Prophet had a cat.

– It is not true that our Prophet was very compassionate to the cat sleeping on his robe and did not wake it up.

– It is not true that there was a cat in the Prophet’s house.

– It is not true that many of the Sahaba had cats in their homes.

None of these narrations are hadiths and are not true.

– Cats are not an animal specie suitable for keeping them inside homes.

– The cat is not as clean as claimed.

– The cat is a semi-domesticated wild animal.

– Cat eats mice, carrion and garbage.

– The cats also cleans its very dirty body with their tongue.

– The claim that cat saliva is clean is also erroneous.

– The cats also eats their own kittens.

– The cats has a sneaky, ungrateful, opportunistic and predatory nature.

– Many of the cat breeds known today are cats produced by genetic engineering in the past…

– Demons enter the bodies of cats very easily and dogs notice and sense this. They want to tear those cats apart as soon as possible.

When viewed from apparent/visible or spiritual/metaphysical perspectives, it seems that widespread opinions, acceptances and practices about cats need to be changed urgently.

Cats are not the creatures as people think.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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