The field is very active but will not be rushed

I want turmoil everywhere in Turkiye. If there will be an invasion attempt or at least an air bombardment by the USA and its gang from Iraq and Greece and the ıslands, and by Russia and its gang from the Black Sea and Syria, and Iran and Armenia, we will not respond immediately.

I want at least fifteen million civilian losses in Turkiye. This damn herd must pay a heavy price. There is no chance for them to become human again. There is no chance for them to adapt to the new Turkiye or to become a moral and honest citizens.

Those countries who will try attack attempts before or after the disasters must obey what I said. This process will contribute the people being purified from the dehumanized among them. The process after that is not even an issue, we can burry those who think they can invade Turkiye in our lands a week at the most.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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