Reason is headphones again?

Was the person who involved in this accident wearing headphones in both ears?

Didn’t the machinist find the time to honk the horn or did he honk already?

Even if he didn’t, how could this person not hear the sound the train which is a huge pile of iron make until the last second? Was the train noiseless?

How can a person not see and notice a huge train that get too close to him?

Was he under metaphysical attack or even under mind control?

Or was he drunk in the early morning?

Are the reasons of this kind of accidents being investigated seriously?

Going out or even staying at home by wearing headphones in both ears can lead to deadly consequences. Is no one aware of this catastrophic course?

Wearing the advanced headphones in both ears cause major problems. The mothers cannot even hear their children’s screams if something bad happens to them.

If a thief breaks into your house, those who wear headphones cannot even hear it. If the apartment next door starts to burn and people starts to scream as fire spreads and even if they knock the door, those who wear headphones inside the apartment cannot hear any of them. It also can lead to dire consequences wearing them while walking outside or at work.

Not only the in-ear headphones but most of the over-ear headphones can extremely isolate the noise. It can block most of the outside noise. And it can cause danger.

The governments must make regulations and inform the people on these matters.

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