Come on and get out of this scramble…

How can a person change this much just in a few days? If the one in appearance for days is Tayyip, then who is the one looks like one coming from the grave or one that someone made him get up from his deathbed with an extreme medicine supplement?

If this person who look like he is dead but hasn’t been burried yet is the real Tayyip, then who is the one in appearance? Who visited the Gulf region? Who was the one playing basketball? Who was the one held appointments?

What does it all mean?

There is already no an official president of this country but there was a president seem like an official, is he gone now? How long has he been gone?

If he exists and he is the one appears on that screen, then he cannot live without help. It isn’t possible for someone in this condition to have a healty brain, memory or reasoning.

You should write on Tayyip’s tombstone that “He destroyed himself when trying to destroy Istanbul. Tens of countries’ support was not enough to keep him alive. He exposed to the metaphysical signals day by day, he melted like a candle. There was medicine pumping through his veins instead of blood but it wasn’t enough. Also, he couldn’t bring his hundreds of billions of dollars black money with him.”

There will be high number of people who don’t want to go past his grave without spitting and even without urinating on it. Design his grave according to these needs.

If there are those who want to collapse or die, they should come against me. They should try to challenge Istanbul.

Tayyip is not lonely and he will not die alone.

I tought that five thousand for each person is low. Our people need support in the difficult days. I made an average calculation. If 200 thousand traitors has been caught and even the state have to make the payment to those who caught them in a short time, our state can easily do it.

In the worst case scenario, if there will be a temporary problem, I can support them. If necessary, I can cover the expenses of the 200 thousand traitors and give the cash prize to those who will catch them. Then, I would take the money from the treasury in an interest-free way.

Now, bring FETO to me…

Updated August 13

When the secret Christian traitor Ali Erbaş dies, write this is on his tombstone:

“Sufyan slapped by Istanbul while he was trying to keep Tayyip alive, stimulating the Christians, using even the nuns as on-call magicians and when he was trying to destroy Istanbul. He couldn’t even save himself.”

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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