Currently, it is unknown who is in charge of Turkiye and who takes the decisions

If the person in appearance is the real Tayyip, he is worse than dead and he cannot manage anything.

That person cannot travel Hungary, India, the USA or any other country. He cannot even walk from one room to another. He cannot even meet the people who visit him. Even if they force him to have a meeting, they cannot achieve any result from it.

A government cannot be ruled by stunts, people with masks or bionic robots. They have already no legitimacy, and even it’s came to a disgraceful state. This country is not a gypsy tent, it is the Turkish state. What a disgrace this is…

An administrative and financial crisis is coming that will deeply shake Turkiye. Everyone should be ready to be blown…

Ask Abraham Kalın that what kind of instructions he took from his foreign commanders on these matters.

What are their new plans?

Will they try again to make the gypsy Hakan Fidan the new pawn Prime Minister?

Let us know, so we will respond accordingly…

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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