Every platform that does not remove censorship will burn, collapse, break down.

Xiaomi has started blocking Telegram from being installed on devices using its MIUI system and firmware interface in China.

I don’t know how to tell this to Chinese people, the interpreters can explain it somehow… There is an old saying in Turkish, “The sun cannot be covered with mud” which means “The truth cannot be hidden”…

It is a saying that should be used in this particular case… Even if China and similar countries go mad, the censorship on my publications will be broken. These truths will enlighten the world like a sun and they cannot prevent this with any technique they will use.

If Telegram will not remove the censorship, there will be no Telegram left. I collapsed governments, collapsing Telegram is so easy for me. They already have technical problems for weeks and cannot correct them completely. We already started to damage it before I said “I will collapse Telegram.”…

The attempts of China, Iraq and the others because they know that the censorship will be removed are futile attempts.

The censorship will not be broken only on Telegram, it will be broken on every platform. The platforms which will not remove this censorship will burn, collapse, break down and will be dysfunctional. It’s employees will die, its servers will burn, its servers cannot be connected. The data of its users will be destroyed. No platform can stand continuous blows that they take. The domestic countries whether will not censor my publications or they will break down either.

In 2018, I made a few influential publications about China’s real face in one day after I have launched the Ankebut Cult operation. The following morning, the publications were disappeared on the channel. The owners of Telegram deleted the publications and my followers thought that I was the one who deleted them.

It must be up there. I wrote an article in that day. I said, “We will not stay here, if telegram will continue to do this to us.” It happened that day. They tried to stop us without deleting us. They set up the algorithms/codes and it reduced the display and the spread of the publications to a certain limit and and they didn’t let them to be seen or spread. This channel and these publications are still under censorship in the same setting. The western social platforms whose real owner is the CIA already made the settings.

The owners of Telegram took money from China and then other countries “for their help”. Therefore, I made Telegram to get stronger in a short time without intention. It didn’t even have Turkish language support. There were almost no Turkish users on Telegram and they had no intention of coming on Telegram. I caused the qualified and influential people to come to Telegram not only from Turkiye but from all around the world.

Despite this, they never appreciated it and always censored us. Now, Telegram will make its decision. Wheter they will remove this censorship completely and immediately or it will enter its name to the list of the losers’ club high on the list.

They need to learn a lesson from what happened to Twitter. Even Twitter collapsed and gone bankrupt because of the metaphysical signals and because I directed the world politics against it. Soon, it will be thrown in the garbage.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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