Let’s play now

Believe it or not, I want Istanbul and Turkiye destroyed, burned and invaded, trampled on foot more than you…

This herd deserves everything but you deserve it, too. You start it, I will finish it again, as I did in Maraş…

We will see in which country the earthquake will happen this time, Washington or New York or California, or maybe even in Moscow, Peking, Rome, Madrid, Athens, London, Seul, Tokio, Paris, Berlin, Tehran or Warsaw. Maybe this time, there will be an earthquake sequence and there will be earthquakes in all of these cities at short intervals.

Anyways… I see the cards and all of them are in my favour… I don’t want to make it too long, let’s play now.

The last thing I will say is the same: Even if above and under the ground around the world will be burned, collapsed and destroyed and even if the world will be filled with billions of corpses, I swear that I will not open the Straits for the money laundering businesses and will overthrow the treachery network called the Ankara government. I do not afraid of anyone or anything.

Putin couldn’t come…
Sisi couldn’t come…
Netenyahu couldn’t come…
These people are already disappeared and cannot show up even in their own countries. They have no longer authority.

I have cancelled the money laundering deal which is called “the grain deal” and no one has been able to open it. I turned the world upside down, I disrupted all the balances, no one dared to open their mouths.

They supposed to make Turkiye the energy center, they couldn’t. The investors supposed to flock to Turkiye but nobody came. Even the existing investors left the country. They couldn’t keep the economy under control.

Mehmet Şimşek, Gaye Erkan and similar foreign citizens were useless. High cost of living, financial difficulty have increased excessively. People began to blow up but they still can’t find a solution to this. Maybe there will be great reactions in a few days but there is still no solution.

There is no room for action left for Abdullah Gül and his gang. There is no Tayyip in appearance. And Bohçalı is left alone like an identity element.

The games that your pawns will play by acting like they follow Istanbul are already thrown in the garbage.

During the time that has passed, empty countries such as China, Russia, England, the USA, France, Germany, Japan, the South Korea, Italy, Spain which you presented to the world as strong countries are collapsed. It wouldn’t be surprising if China, Russia and France declare bankrupt and announce that major internal turmoil began in just a couple of hours.

The cities under the ground have tremendous problems. There are serious cracks in your system both under and above the ground, the seperation and objections couldn’t be suppressed.

You supposed to appoint a new Ankara government, you supposed to bring Hakan Fidan at the head of the country. Not only you, but even they couldn’t believe how this happened in such a short time. They are still in shock.

Your countless disgraces and desperation are in plain sight and after all of these, you will send a few ships around us again, you will create an artificial disaster and invasion danger/risk again and you will solve all of your gigantic problems this way, won’t you?

Forget about it, it is time for you to take the last knockout punch of Istanbul.

I swear that I am not the same person I used to be and I want so much more than you do to shed blood collectively.

You can take over my place, but you cannot capture me. I have the technology and the teams to break all kind of sieges.

But if you still want to play, let’s play then. It would be very noisy and you would sink into the ground one more time.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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