Hawaii wasn’t bad. Nice, I like it…

I want the same for the Cyprus island. It would look great on it, either.
It should be surrounded by the flames from one end of the island to another. It is so sad about the animals though but what can we say, unfortunately, the innocent ones also suffer the consequences of what the guilty ones have done…

Cyprus is full of perversion, gambling, corruption, money laundering, treachery, murders, mafias, disgrace… It’s best not to have a Cyprus on Earth at all…

It should be burn and clean first, then we will use Cyprus for animal husbandry projects and on the other hand, we will increase its population without allowing them to live in an evil way again…

Also, we will not allow Cyprus to be filled with gypsies again.
Isn’t that a good idea?

If no one will listen even though they will be warned a thousand times and if no one will live humanly, then let this world burn.

There are state leaders and people among their gangs that I want to throw into a place like this, right into the lavas.

I think Stoltenberg also should be thrown into a place like this one, immediately. No one have the right to be an enemy of humanity and a friend of the Iblees (Satan). When we throw Lloyd Austin after him, the world will be very relieved.

By the way, have China found its missing minister  yet?

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