We know your traffic passing through Africa…

We know what they bring and what they send.

I will hang those who bring Putin here, who welcome him, who host him and who address him. I will hang them even without waiting the change of the government.

I wouldn’t even calculate the cost of one bullet. Even in the worst conditions, I will solve the problem this way.

I have closed the black money deal which called the Grain Deal.

Also, no one can bring Putin here.

Turkiye is not a colony of Russia and not a partner of Russia in the black money businesses. And not a pawn and a partner of NATO, the USA and the UN who are doing black money businesses together with the Russians.

Turkiye’s state power is not a toy of the money launderer countries and the money launderer so-called international organisations.

If necessary, I will not leave a stone upon a stone and a head on the body but I will expell all of the so-called refugees from Turkiye in a short time.

I don’t want cracked voices. I don’t want noise. I don’t want empty challenges. Otherwise, you will be worse than Tayyip. He destroyed himself, don’t make the same mistakes. I swear that I would even make the journalists shot down and no one can ask us a question… Everyone have to know what they say, what they write.

I am ready to conflict with the USA, England, Israel, Russia, China and everyone.

Bring it on, I am standing behind my challenge.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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