Everybody makes up their mind

Today, the computing systems of the hospitals in many states of the USA wasn’t working. Even the emergency services was locked. Even the ambulance systems couldn’t function.

I swear that all the countries who support the Ankara government will fall into the same situation. This is nothing, the nuclear plants and the nuclear bombs will be exploded in all of those countries.

Now, I want to see who has the power to keep the so-called refugees in Turkiye.

Which hacker can burn the server systems he attacks like he poured gasoline on it an lit it on fire, I’m expecting them to declare who this was, expecting them to say “this is the one who can do it”.

Everyone should make up their mind, otherwise I will not be responsible for the hundreds of billions of dollars of damage that will occur and hundreds of millions of people that will die.

It is clearly seen that I still worry about the civillians, the innocents and still make warnings. Even though I repeatedly said that “That’s enough, the warning time has ended”. We are still staying back from doing something after all the confrontation so that no civillians and innocents get hurt, but our patient have its limits.


Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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