Does Pentagon really in trouble with hackers?

Yes, yes…

You have struggled, tried so hard to protect yourselves from the metaphysical signals but look at what happened. You and the countries who are the allies of yours were shocked simultaneously.

Is it the hackers who burned the cables, the devices and places that are burned? Is it the hackers who exploded the electric transformers? Do the hackers send codes to your men’s brain who suddenly died without apparent reason? Even Pentagon is that desperate and is nothing against us…

This is only the beginning… Because, there were so many of those who tried to nervously respond with metaphysics and those who have metaphysical protections when I published the publication. Over the past few days, most of them have exposed to the metaphysical signals and dropped from the game. You will be more unprotected in a few days and will be more exposed to the signals.

You cannot deceive anyone with the hacker attacks, drone attacks, explosions on the sun, mysterious brain disease, etc. Maybe you will say that “It is a Ukrainian attack, we will respond harshly” as a final resort and everyone will have some fun.

The sencor will be removed…
Everyone will withdraw their support for the Ankara government.
All of the more than 15 million so-called refugees will be expelled immediately in ten days at the most.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to protect your lives, property, places, systems, vehicles, money, banks, armies or anything else.

Also, those alien cities under the ground will collapse on you.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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