Trump will be out of the game

The last time I cornered Trump and his gang, they made moves without weighing its consequences. They even used my own state’s institutions as they pleased.

I’ve always said it but it is useful to say it one more time. I do not recognize or know transatlantic… If any institution of my state take order from across the ocean, then I will not recognize the institution and those who are at the head of the institution.

The crisis will continue to deepen and the devil take the hindmost.

There is nothing easier than to take Trump and his gang out of the game. It is so easy to crush them down in every part of the field. I and my system cannot be everywhere in the field. If somethings have taken so long and caused tension unnecessarily, it is because of some related elements in the field that don’t do their part.

Everyone in the USA, Turkiye and in other countries can be crushed under the tension. If they don’t want to be crushed or get in troubles, than they shouldn’t disrupt the flow. They should go with the flow. They should do their parts.

It seems that I will strike the final blows to Trump immediately. Trump will drop from the game suddenly and surprisingly and in a way that no one expected. Because their decisions and moves require an ending like this.

All the parties inside and outside of Turkiye must have a clear stance.

There is no ink enough to write Trump’s criminal cases. It wouldn’t even take two days to make moves to start an investigation and a trial against Trump in so many countries, to put the politicians of those countries in these trials, to suddenly increase the legal burden on Trump in the USA, to put his supporters with him, to follow it to the top. Any sencorship or any armed conflicts cannot prevent what will happen.

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