Brain dead of the Ankebut Network has been done

I already told this all the parties. After everything that’s happened, it turns out that the Ankebut Cult is powerless, desperate and weak against Istanbul…

See, Istanbul has won on so many issues within the very short time. There were major breaks in the political, military, financial, religious balances of the world.

There is no Ankara government left. There is no Tayyip, Bahçeli, Hakan Fidan or Ibrahim Kalın left. There is no Abdullah Gül and his gang left. Even those who called FETO are in terrible situations. There is Istanbul who can cause great changes in the balances of Turkiye and the world balances within a very short time but is there still an Ankebut Cult left against it?

It is in your best interest to take into consideration what I say… Do not get tired, try, lose power, collapse in vain. Do not get in the losers’ club…

Accept it, the Ankebut Cult is brain dead.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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