When the proper time comes I will announce the decision

I will ask our citizens to help the law enforcement officers during the arrests of the masons in Turkiye. The citizens who caught a mason and bring them to the law enforcement officers without killing them will be awarded five thousand liras. There will be no limit about this. Even if a person bring fifty masons, he will be rewarded 250 thousand liras.

I will declare the rules at that time. Those who bring people who are not certainly masons will be fined five thousand liras per person.

The masons who are caught will be trialed transparently and with justice. There will be no injustice to anyone. Those who are confirmed as masons by Court order will be given death sentence. They will be given the right to appeal court’s decision in three days. The objections will be examined in a week at the most. Whether the Court will order a retrial or approve the death sentence. The masons whose death sentences are approved will be executed the next day. They will not be allowed to give one more damage to the state and the nation even it is only a meal expense.

There will be no masons left in this country.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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