“Is a great new leader coming?”

I don’t know what happened but YouTube is rife with this kind of videos. They are telling so many things but they don’t give any clear information, they don’t describe anything.

Who is this person, for the love of God, if anyone knows, they should let us know. We are really curious… The astrologers can differ about every issue and give different opinions but they always give the same answer to the question of “Will a new and a great leader be emerged?”.

Isn’t this so interesting?

Sinan Hodja (an astrologer) was talking like that, I shared one of his videos and it was enough to spoilt him. Then, so many bad things happened to him, he lost his reputation rapidly. Would it be bad if he told us clearly and let us know from the beginning?

They say, he is a “spiritual person”. They say, “he will expand Turkiye’s borders”. They say, “he will be good in science and technique”. They say, “he will implement great projects in Turkiye, he will make the investors flock to Turkiye”. They say, “he will make Turkiye the center of the world”. They say, “he will be the leader of the muslims in Armageddon”. They say, “It is certain that he is not from the people who are in the field or from the people who are well-known”. They say much more than that but they do not say who this is. How could they know this much of information about him with only astrology, if they don’t know who he is?

We are really, really curious… That’s enough. Someone tell us now.

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