Very late

There will be major crises for the industrialists and traders in Konya and Kayseri. It’s too late for them.

Everyone should take precautions and should take well-calculated steps. It is not the right time to make investments, to lending money, to sell forward goods and to buy stocks. It is not the right time to do business with the business groups of Kayseri and Konya.

There will be endless bankrupts, executions, suicides, fights, arguments.

They cannot find an Ankara government, the Ankebut Cult or the masonic masters to support them.

If I would be a businessmen who have gone bankrupt and if have lost everything I have, I would come down on the gypsy called Abdullah Gül the most and find a way to strangle him. Because he is one of the most responsibles for what is happening and what will happen in Turkiye… This thick headed, ignorant who thinks that he can stand against Istanbul, who thinks that the artificial states around us are real states, who cannot accept what happened to Russia even though he has seen it with his own eyes, who is a scumbag from the royals of England…

Stay away from Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Iran. Otherwise, it will not end here. There will be worse and more extensive bankrupts and destructions.

Also, do not trust the market of the Grand Bazaar. It turned very cold in there, it will be frozen soon and it will also cause so many bankrupts and destructions. Because the Grand Bazaar is also trying to move in the wrong direction insistently and it is preparing its end as long as it tries to do that.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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