Let me write a scenario: Hazrat Mahdi and Tur-i Sina

I have been trying to write another script since yesterday, but I couldn’t found the opportunity to write it.

While we are sending heavy signals with Surah Hud and there are not many people left against us in the metaphysical field… Let me write another scenario.

The awaited Hazrat Mahdi is in Istanbul, the real Quds. The real Al-Aqsa Mosque in Istanbul still has an entry/exit system and he finds the passage.

One night, he passes through that passage without anyone seeing and enters the real Masjid al-Aqsa which is under the ground. He is very surprised by what he sees. “Indeed, it was obvious that the demons and aliens were employed in the construction of it. “This structure was built with incredible technology and art,” he says. In a short time, he begins to examine every part of the structure and becomes familiar with everything about that system.

While doing this, he got carried away with it. He didn’t notice how the time passed. He becomes more and more surprised by what he sees. “I cannot explain these to people. “Even if I tell them, they won’t believe it,” he continues to examine everywhere.

He realizes that the temple is very large. He wants to examine his surroundings. Then, he encounters something else there and soon realizes that it is the Mount Sinai.

The Mount Sinai acts as if it were waiting for him, as if it were not an inanimate being, and opens its door wide to the Mahdi. Mahdi, entering the door, says, “There are many more to be surprised.” He almost passes out. What he sees make him say, “Is this another world or not a world?” …

Then, with great curiosity, he tries to understand what the Mount Sinai is like, how it works and what it can do.

Meanwhile, unexpected things happen again. A sound coming from an unknown source bypasses his ear and speaks directly to his brain. At first, he thinks it is a human voice, but when the owner of the voice begins to tell shocking truths, he realizes that it is a very advanced artificial intelligence.

From here on, he begins to learn information that worth a lifetime. That voice speaks, explains and Mahdi asks new questions. He listens, understands, asks again. Meanwhile, just as he can hear sounds without the need for any device, images continue to be sent to his brain without the need for any device. Whatever the artificial intelligence tells him, it also shows him images of it. Even if Mahdi turns to the right, left or the other direction, there will be no break in the sounds and images.

The things he is most curious about are the real world history, the history of real prophets, what humanity has experienced from the past to today, and he continues to ask questions about these.

He asks about the Prophet Adam, and when the answer comes, he learns the topics by seeing and hearing the appearance and voice of the Prophet Adam. Even he watches what the nature of the world was like at that time.

He asks about the Prophet Abraham, sees, watches and learns what kind of appearance that blessed person had, what his tone of voice was, what main events he experienced, and the summary of his life.

While the topics continue like this, it gradually comes to the present day with summary information. While asking and getting answers to dozens of questions that he is very curious about and prioritizes, he continues to learn information that will surprise him.

One of the pieces of information that surprised him the most was the fact that the center of the Earth is not as described. The core system at the center of the Earth is not at all as described. While listening to this with video narration, he feels like he have entered another world. His view of the planet/world he lives on changes instantly.

He couldn’t help himself and askes the artificial intelligence, “Well, is the Earth an artificial planet, just like the Moon?” In other words, is it a system as if magma and soil layers were covered on the Moon?”. He continues to be surprised by what he sees and hears.

A few hours have passed and there are major changes in his perspective on the planet he lives on, the Moon, and the solar system.

Then, suddenly the question occurs to him and he asks the Mount Sinai’s artificial intelligence, “How did Noah’s flood actually happen, what caused it, how did it happen?”. After watching a brief summary of Noah’s life accompanied by images and sounds, he watches the Noah’s flood part and listens to the narration simultaneously.

After what he learned, “Then this can happen again, it can be done again, right?” he asks. After receiving a positive answer, “What should I do, what reasons should I comply with and how should I comply in order to prevent a flood like Noah’s flood from happening again in the world?” he asks.

Artificial intelligence explains everything to him in the most beautiful and understandable way. Then he realizes that what he needs to do is to give the necessary orders to the Mount Sinai’s artificial intelligence, it is that simple. He instructs the Mount Sinai’s artificial intelligence to send the necessary codes to the artificial intelligence systems in the Earth’s core and also in the Moon’s core. He approves the instruction and, although he is very curious about other things, he wants to turn the world upside down without even waiting to learn them.

Meanwhile, he has already learned that the Mount Sinai also has an invisibility feature, that it can hide itself that it cannot be seen by any human eye or the cameras or sensors of any technological device. He learned how to use the Ark of the Covenant. He also orders it to protect a certain number of people living on Earth a d to take them from where they are in a short time and to bring them to the Mount Sinai.

While doing these, as he was about to order it to continue to convey to him the most important parts of real human history, without him having to ask or thinking but suddenly something comes to his mind.

He asks the Mount Sinai what he can do to destroy the alien underground cities one after another and in a short time, and to collapse them first before the flood.

After the short and understandable answers he received, he said, “Then, collapse ten or twenty of them first and collapse the others during the flood. First of Israel, USA, China, Russia, Saudi America, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, England, Germany, Italy, Spain, “I order the roofs of the underground cities under the Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Sea regions of South Korea, Japan, India, Iran and Turkey to be demolished.”

While they are collapsing, he asks if he can stand on them all in a row and watch the moments of collapse. When he gets a positive answer to this, he becomes ecstatic. Then he says, “Thankfully, we have come to these days. I really want to see their destruction and want to say – I saw and experienced what I promised you. Have you also seen and experienced the destruction that I promised you? “Is there anyone among you who can continue being a devil?”

He also asks the question that came to his mind at that moment: “Did Noah connect to TV channels and social media platforms all over the world and give his last message when the flood began to reveal itself and its conditions began to develop?”

“If that’s the case, that’s it… The disaster I promised has begun, to hell with you-” did he say?

Then, he asks the artificial intelligence, “In a few minutes, how many social media applications, how many TV channels and other broadcasting technologies used on the surface and underground can you take control of, change their codes, and disable their owners?”. After getting the answer, he asks it to be ready to do this.

He has now understood that this system can even control the Moon remotely and bring the Moon as close to the Earth as it wants whenever it wants. It can even crash the Moon into the Earth if it wants.

While thinking about these in a moment of calm, he suddenly asks the artificial intelligence: “Is the sound mentioned in the hadiths the version heard by people of the magnetic friction?

After many answers he received, he said, “I was guessing, I understood. This is it… It should have been like this anyway. But I hadn’t thought of this part/detail.” He continues to make internal evaluations.

What happens next is certain… The world’s humanity which does everything it can to avoid living humanely, and other human species/ummahs living underground will be destroyed.

And as unimaginable disasters come one after another… The process of destruction continues, first by overheating of the weather, then by heavy rains and floods, and then by earthquakes becoming more frequent and severe.

Shortly thereafter, the “Dabbatul-ard” begins to occur. The roofs of dozens of underground cities collapse one after the other. Meanwhile, the aboveground cities above them collapse on them and they will be destroyed all together. The human demons underground and the human demons above the ground come across each other and meet each other at those moments before the Judgement day.

It is reported/spread as news in parts of the world that have not yet collapsed that several very large areas in the American continent have collapsed one after the other and that many large states on the West and East coasts of the USA have disappeared. Those who watch or read think they are watching an American movie. They don’t want to believe, but after tens of minutes of denial, they reluctantly believe. After those moments, cases of suicide, cases of miscarriage in pregnant women, cases of fear/crisis and fainting continue. Hospitals are locked and cannot provide proper service.

The clergy, almost all of whom have become hypocrites, predators and satanists, are not even seen. Satanists, masons, Jews, moneylenders, organ and human traffickers in many parts of the world do not know what to do. Some still take shelter in underground shelters because they have no other choice. Some of them arrange places to stay in the high mountains above the ground, but after a few weeks, when the flood begins to reach its full extent, winds blowing at bullet speeds blow them away and destroy the places they set up there.

Magma underground continues to emerge from countless places in the world. The disaster continues day by day and from different directions. Magma erupts in places where there are no volcanoes. The people of countless cities die by melting into the magma flowing in huge lines from all over the city, without being able to escape anywhere.

By that moment, there had already been major disruptions in communications around the world, the authorities of the states had collapsed, and most of the heads of states had become invisible. Everyone has to fend for themselves.

On the other hand, the seas and oceans continue to warm and rise at a very rapid pace. Many cities were destroyed by being flooded before collapsing or being submerged in magma.

Almost all of those who still survive in the world underground or above say, “The Apocalypse is definitely coming. They begin to say, “This is exactly what the apocalypse described in the holy books was like.” But they don’t know that the “doomsday before the Apocalypse” is happening.

This world where tens of thousands of babies, children, women and adults are kidnapped every day with the alliance of governments and sold to organ, prostitution and ritual mafias… This world where no one is disturbed by these crimes and does not fight against them… Everywhere is full of fags, rapists, human devils who don’t know what purity and honor are. This world is filled with ignorant human devils…

Everywhere is filled with gambling, interest, cruelty, murder, massacre, suicide, mental illnesses, physical diseases, fights, grudges and hatred, and this world has turned into hell… Most of all, this world where children and women experience unimaginable pain now has started to be cleaned with the will and decision of Hazrat Mahdi. The cleansing is so comprehensive and occurs on the occasion of such unimaginable disasters that most of the human demons have no hope and are not struggling to survive. No one can know the number of suicides, because the authorities to count and record them have collapsed.

The Mount Sinai, the Ark of the Covenant (Tabut-u Sekine) and some of the true Muslims rise from the Earth and go into space. The Mount Sinai is such a miraculous thing that it can even go to heaven in a short time. It has been to heaven countless times before. Mahdi gives instructions and asks it to go to heaven once again. While humans and jinn demons in the world are being destroyed en masse… While the real Masjid al-Aqsa and the real Masjid al-Haram and other sacred or important places are under divine protection… Mahdi and his friends, the companions of Rakim, are touring heaven. They have a great time that cannot even be described in words. In a short time, they forget the fatigue, pain, sadness and suffering of all these years and are literally born again. They do not even realize how time passes, and when the appointed time comes, they return to the world with a short journey.

Nowadays, there are no countries and nations left in the world such as the USA, England, Israel, Russia, China, Germany, Spain, Italy, Norway, India, Japan, South Korea, and others who fight against humanity, practice Satanism, are subject to Satan, engage in colonialism, establish and use terrorist organizations and are even doing human and organ trafficking.

There is no longer a place in the world called Vatican, which is a center of evil and satanism at an incredible level.

There is no longer any fake city of Jerusalem, the fake Masjid al-Aqsa there, or the fake Kaaba in Mecca left in the world. On the contrary, the real Masjid al-Haram and the real Masjid al-Aqsa in Istanbul, that is, in the real Jerusalem, have emerged in all their glory.

Now, in the world, there are no alien species left who cause corruption on the earth, deliberately make the world’s humanity sick, change their genetics, deliberately harm nature, deliberately harm animals, deliberately harm the seas, dry up lakes, secretly and insidiously manage the world’s states, and there are no alien species left trying to dominate sexual perversion, nakedness, dishonesty. There is no longer any damn freemasonry left in the world. The Satanist temple called Hagia Sophia, obelisks and similar structures remain.

The advanced electromagnetic intervention system used by aliens, which artificially manipulates the Earth’s climate, keeps some places always dry, and ensures that some infertile places receive frequent rainfall and become productive is no longer exists.

There are no longer any genetic code problems or gypsies or half gypsies or quarter gypsies in the world. There is no one left who can cause these problems again and attack the genes of the people of the world.

There is no longer a protection shield around the world called the Mount Qaf or the Van Allen radiation belt, but the people and armies of other planets who heard what happened no longer have the courage to stand against Mahdi.

Mahdi allows only the individuals or groups he allows to come and go from the alien human species he chooses and deems appropriate.

Mahdi and his friends, that is, the Companions, now begin to shape the world from the ground up and as they wish.

The rest is tomorrow…

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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