There is an Istanbul in this world

We are not bending or shaping the crescent and star. We are what we are and we do not have a spinless stance. Because, we are not powerless. We are not pathetic, miserable, weak or insidious. Our religion and cause are not false. We are not from those who constantly do evil and claim that they fight for the their cause.

Our heads held high…

We would prefer the brave of the enemies. We know the traitors from their words, from their eyes, from their boddies which are shaking from fear, their actions, connections and their descendants.

The whole world already knows that we exploded the baloons inflated by constant collusions with ingenuity recently, doesn’t it? Hasn’t this happened before?

Now, write it to the mountains and rocks of the world…
“There is an Istanbul in the world. You will either face it bravely or get close to it sincerely. Otherwise, it will destroy the world and even the words down on your heads.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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