I’m not a villain

I am not a murderer. I am not violent either as you call it. But I am fair…

I never hurt innocents. I do not pay attention to the religion, language, culture, gender of the innocents. I pay attention if they are innocents or not.

I do not pay attention to the religion, language, culture, gender of the criminals or which ideology they adhere. No matter if it’s my brother or even my father, I hang, cut, strangle, burn those who hang, cut, strangle, burn unjustly/unlawfully. Eye for an eye…

If there are those who are uncomfortable with that or afraid of that, then, they have to be smart and remain innocents and live like civilized people. They shouldn’t see themselves in a superior position. They shouldn’t openly or insidiously attack people’s religions, languages, history, lives, property, descendants, homelands and they shouldn’t do anyone wrong.

I don’t prosecute or punish anyone for the crimes of their fathers, grandparents and ancestors. I do not compromise the principle of the individual criminal responsibility. I wouldn’t even condemn anyone because of they have a family of awful people… Everyone should be punished for their own crimes.

I am a quite calm and well-intentioned person but I do no injustice to anyone. I defend the rights of the innocents. The deads have rights, too. I don’t close the files just because of they died.

If injustice, persecution, torture, murder, massacre, violation of the humane and religious rights have been commited by taking over the power of the state… It doesn’t matter, I wouldn’t say, “it is the state who commited it, the case is closed.” I would look for those who were holding the state power at that moment and I wouldn’t remain silent. I can’t accept it as something never happened. I don’t postpone anything for Hereafter which can be held accountable in this world.

What I hate most and cannot tolerate in this world are insincerety and hypocrisy. I would never be insincere and I do not treat those insincere with respect. I don’t keep people like them around me.

I have caused and still causing so many people’s death. There are so many of them that it is not even possible for me to know how many humans and jinns that I have caused their death… The number of those will increase exponentially in a short while. But I don’t feel guilty at all. Because I have never hurt anyone innocent and I still don’t.

What goes around, comes around but they don’t blame themselves at all. They are in filth but they consider themselves the most enlightened and modern people of the world… And they see me as the most villian, cruel, barbaric person in the world.

They live in a fantasy world. They intentionally and purposely deceiving themselves. Because they became demonic people. Because they know that they will lose their authority, rank, money, reputation if they will be honest. They know that they will make enemies and they will be excluded by their own families. They know they will suffer a lot. So, they prefer to be demonic and to work with the demonic people. They prefer to crush the honest, innocent, good people. They know the truths, they know how that life ends, they know that their deeds will not go punished but they keep playing their roles.

The system of the Great Court and hell doesn’t work the way they think. Because there is justice in there. Even though some already see the system of Hereafter as torture, injustice, persecution and want to make it look this way…

“Now… I am talking to those who will declare me a trouble, a tyrant.”

The sword of the justice had a right over you, that’s what I have taken. (Alexander of the time means “The Dhul-Qarnayn of the time”)

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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