From now on, brotherhood songs with Azerbaijan will not be sung

From now on, no one in Turkiye will sing the songs about friendship with Azerbaijan. Those who will lose their breath.

You see the defense minister of Azerbaijan who is a piece of garbage and who bowed down in a despicable manner to his Israeli counterpart Galant during his Baku visit.

In the eyes of the real Turks, Azerbaijan is an artificial country. Those lands are ancient Turkish lands but the state is not a Turkish state. We will save those lands with our armies and will liberate them. We will cut fundamentally the very savage, very bloody, black businesses of Israel, the USA, Russia, England and the other known countries through the state of Azerbaijan. Also, the filthy followers of Adnan Oktar have so many dirty businesses and have a lot of influence in Azerbaijan. There is a place for every enemy of the Turks in that country but the Turks.

We will stand everything what Israel want to do in Iran and Syria by using Turkiye and Azerbaijan as simple tools. We will rip off these plans like a raptor eagle or a predator tiger. We will not hesitate to cause this tension to turn into a conflict.

As of now, we will make no room for the Ankara government who made Turkiye a tool, a pawn and colony of others. We will ruin their businesses by throwing them into crises in the military, political, legal, financial fields.

Let NATO, the USA/CIA, England, Stoltenberg, Putin, Aliyev and the others come and save the Ankara government if they can…

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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