Tales from Balloon Musk

You can understand which country’s finance has collapsed and has no way out from the interviews they make with Baloon Musk and report it as an exaggerated news.

It seems like Baloon Musk who is already collapsed will save the world. All of those who are collapsed are running to him. These are tales for the adults…

But, there are still many people who are deceived.
Baloon Musk will be expelled from the mason lodges. He has so many legal problems and it will increase. Even his electric cars will blow up in his face. He will be charged with abuse and rape. As I always said, he is just a storefront and a puppet… Most of the things seem like owned by him are actually aren’t owned by him. The companies, the systems which seem like he owned will sell him out without hesitation when they are cornered.

Amazon also in a very bad condition… It can be said that Alibaba is already collapsed. The U.S. Army cannot pay the salaries to the members of the army. It’s not even possible for them to renovate their vehicles, devices and weapons. They lack equipment and they have no money to buy the new ones. As I said it for the last ten years, the USA will be collapsed and they won’t be able to send back their soldiers from various places to the USA.

There is a strike even in Hollywood. No one keeps the USA afloat and in one pieces.

Let me remind it.
Azrael, popcorn car, a man who is in red and white is constrained, it is a darkness of the night, it is the seventh of the month, there is a full moon. It’s already been so many years but Baloon Musk who still thinks that I will be stopped and killed, who have declared this in his own way, whose spoilt and arrogant attitude is still continue is still waiting. While waiting, he is collapsed, finished and exhausted. Now, he is waiting for his final and public collapse.

Let’s assume that Baloon Musk pointed out the seventh of March or the seventh month…

We are in the seventh month and the full moon of this month has already gone and the events that spoilt, arrogant Baloon Musk is expected haven’t happened.

Maybe the iblees he is worshipping is retired? Or maybe he has health problems? Or maybe he is depressed? Maybe he has no power over Mfs?

(There was a full moon in March 7, 2023)

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