From that moment on, we will mercilessly start to explode the nuclear power plants, nuclear bombs and the marine vehicles run by nuclear systems in the states which still support, protect or jointly do business with the Ankara government.

This is a decision that we never compromise. Those who know what we are capable of until today must know that we can do this either. We will not be responsible for the great sufferings that will happen. If they force us live with great problems and pain in our own country, if they still continue this despite all the warnings, then those states will find the punishment they deserve.

Even if the whole world burn down… Even if Turkiye will pay heavy prices, even if the population of Turkiye will fall to a few millions, I swear that I will do this.

That’s enough! Who cares if you are masons, satanists, missionaries or money launderers… I challenge you… Stop us if you can.

The cash money in the banks in England is being stolen, they siphon off the banks. Be aware.

Who cares about your councils, your summits… Divan-i Salihin made the decisions. The world fall upon you. You won’t believe what will happen to you. I repeat again. I am not a murderer, I am fair. It is you who have prefered an end like this.

I am giving answer to those who are saying that, “They are throwing the world into fire to keep Putin in power in Russia. Which idiot made this decision?” It’s Dajjal’s decision… He is stoned because of the shocks he experienced in the last few years. He has become unbalanced. He is now challenging against Istanbul and he hit the hard rock unexpectedly. As of today, we will see that his condition become a lot worse and that he will be devastated as the expected events happen…

I close and ban the corridor of evil which is called “the grain corridor”. Those who want to lose their men, ships, property, money, reputation can challenge against me on this issue.

Nothing that profits to Russia, NATO, AKPKK, the UN, the USA or Israel will pass through these Straits. Drug, weapon, organ, human will never pass through.

If we make a decision to destroy, burn and collapse, there can be no living or non-living thing that can protect itself/himself.

If the Divan gave the order, the rest is diffusiveness.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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