Artificial air conditioning systems suffered heavy blows

The systems which artificially climatize the polar regions, which keeps the regions glaciated to keep the world humanity away from those regions took new and heavy blows.

As of now, overheating and melting will increase even faster in the polar regions. As of now, there will be seen a higher number of climate oddities which will be more violent in different parts of the world. As I always said, this is happening and will happen due to the fact that the climate balance of the world starts to return to normal with a sudden break.

The last earthquake in the North Pole was not an earthquake as we know it. The alien systems in those lands are defenseless against us…

Everyone should be ready for even more surprising events that will happen.

By the way, the American continent and especially the area I circled experienced sudden increases in ground motions. These are also not normal earthquakes. These are quakes happened due to the destruction of the systems of the underground cities…

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