Do metaphysical powers really exist?

Does metaphysical power exist… Can some people control their metaphysical abilities… Do some people have power more than millions of people’s powers combined… Is it possible to interfere, bend, burn or explode the very distant objects…

Can those who have powerful metaphysical abilities kill someone near by or at a distance without a trace… Is whammy a kind of a metaphysical ability and can people control this energy… Did the leaders and especially the prophets who caused a breaking point in the world history have very high metaphysical ability…

Was Dhul-Qarnayn a person who ruled both the metaphysical and the physical dimension? Did he rule both human and jinn realms?

How the prophet Abraham actually killed Nemrud? How could and in what way the prophet Davud move the mountains?

The first episode of our documentry which is produced with the support of the scientists, the religious fanctionaries and those who describe themselves metaphysical experts is getting started. Now lean back because you will go on a journey to the metaphysical dimension of the world you have never noticed until today…

If a real muslim who have a great metaphysical power sends metaphysical signals from his hands and brain by reading the Surah At-Tin, no one, no group or no living and non-living thing can stand against him.

No technology can stop him.

He can distrupt the atoms, the subatomic particles and the atomic bonds simultaneously.

Because “tin” and “olives” doesn’t mean “figs” and “olives”…

He can disrupt the balance of the core of the world if he wants, and it would cause floods, snowfalls, storms, extreme cold or extreme hot weather.

He can break down millions of electronic devices in only one day if he wants.

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