If a nation wishes, they can also change the administrative regime of the state.

If you have established a so-called Republican regime which in your own word, “with blood and wisdom”…

Then, others have the right to establish another regime “with blood and wisdom”.

Is this even a topic of debate? It is good, true, it is something cannot be discussed, unchangeable, cannot even be offered to change when you do it, but others don’t have the right to do the same, aren’t they? You are the only ones who have mind and conscience, who use your head, who are honest, who are educated, who know the truth and struggle for the truth, aren’t you?

Then, you talk about human rights, justice, freedom of conscience, freedom of opinion and self-governance by the people, aren’t you?

Are you all mentally ill or are you all the tratior militants of the minorities who are pretending Turkish?

If a nation want, it can change the regime and also the law of their state. And you either obey or will be tamed with “blood and wisdom”.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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