In the past, those places filled with water

There was ocean water in this flat and huge area that you see here.

There were scattered rocks, islands and islets across the sea.

The science and technology was so much more advanced than today in the era.

First, they filled the contour of the area. They built a barrier around the contour of the area before they fill it. They used very advanced land, air and marine vehicles while doing this. They also used vehicles with artificial intelligence and robot technology.

They cut the rocks from somewhere else and brought them to the area without melting them and filled them to the ground. They leveled the floor without water and grinded the weak layers. Then, they poured the lavas to the places they wanted and filled some parts of the area with rocks. They brought proper soil for them. Don’t ask “Where?” The aircrafts were already used in and on the sea, in the sky and also in space. It is likely that they brought soil and rocks from a different planet. They could grind the rocky mountains where they wanted without difficulty. In fact, they could form mountain ranges where they wanted by pouring lavas to the area.

The country known as India, also most part of the South line of Asia and the continent known as the American continent were formed by using this method.

Other than them, there are other parts of the world with artificial interventions. But, while they had very advanced technology and means, they built a high number of very big and high cities under the very massive areas. There are many underground cities all around the world.

Everything including the fact that most of the peoples in Asia and especially India, China, Japan and Korea have defective genes, and their beliefs and cultures are related to this truth. From time to time, there was open domination of the aliens in the world. They weren’t hiding from the humanity in every era.

I told repeatedly that when the prophet Noah returned to the world with his ship, he brought so many different alien species with him and these aliens lived publicly in the world during a period.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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