What you were expecting from the electric powered cars?

Here is a much-vaunted Tesla…

Malfunction begins, the entire system locks up, the doors get stuck and the battery starts to catch fire in a short time. And it can get worse afterwards…

What will happen if the driver cannot break the window to climb out, or if there are a couple of people in the car and some of them are elderly, disabled, pregnant women or children…

What would the driver do, will the driver save himself or the others.

I have been telling this for years. There is still no technology to produce an electric car eligible to be sold in the world. These batteries may break down easily in very hot and very cold weather and it causes various malfunctions with deadly consequences. The batteries may break down not only in very hot and very cold weather, but in other circumstances.

While all these facts are in plain sight, how and by what right or law all the states permitted these cars and especially Tesla cars to be sold?

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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