Everybody talking about them

As communication means increase and accessing information became easier, one of the most talked and the most astonishing topic is what is seen in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and their surroundings.

People talk about how strange, incomprehensible, unacceptable behaviors these black skinned people with sour faces who are called “gypsies” in general terms have. It astound the people the most to see how they are extremely dirty. Open defecation is banned in India recently and the Indian people reacted to this severely. India is such a inhuman country that the “adult people” shamelessly defecate in the streets in front of the people. And harrasment, rape, torture, grudge, hatred are extremely common in the country.

The dirt and many more problems of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are indecribable with short articles and videos…

Laugh away to those who rank these so-called countries among the powerful countries today or in the future just because of they have large populations. These are the communities, crowds which cannot even walk straight and cannot even help themselves. It is against the grain to make them a strong community and a strong state.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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