Why? Why are you talking like that?

Putin! Why it’s legal when you cause a stir here and do every kind of evil lawlessly and it’s illegal and unlawful when I cause a stir respectfuly and bravely in favour of the people of Russia?

What kind of a way of thinking this is…

Your head is no use to yourself and it is no use for the entire nation headed by you illegally… You brand anyone you want as a traitor or terrorist for years. You are no different than Tayyip. Will you call me a terrorist, either? What will be the point of it?

Russia and Turkiye is not the only countries you have caused a stir and ruined. Because of you, millions of children go to sleep hungry, cannot afford treatment and cannot be raised in a proper family and in proper conditions of society in Turkiye.

So many women/mother live in unbearable conditions. When they cannot afford food for their children, when they are subjected to theft and fraud… You are stealing from them again and again by building a so-called nuclear plant. You are a devil who steal from even the abondened orphans, who even make people steal their bodies/organs and then sell them…I can write volumes of books here but you wouldn’t even understand. It has been more than half a century since you have lost your humanity. It is futile and illogical to explain things to you like shooting a bullet to the darkness.

Who are you to teach me what law, politics, humanity are, how to behave and make decisions?

You haven’t taken the Erkhov devil from here yet. You have reached to these days and conditions with a determination of devilry and stubbornness. You are in my hands, I can sign your death warrant anytime I want. The countries, governments, mafias, secret intelligences you rely on can do nothing about it but watch. They would only be preoccupied with their own troubles. They would begin to beg the Iblees to not being the next one/party. Although, they have already begun to beg.

As I always said, those who burned will be burnt, those who destroyed will be destroyed, those who shot will be shot and those who caused a stir will be stirred.

Now, do whatever you can do, don’t talk nonsense, take action. Let me see you and your gang and those who try to keep you in power…

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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