They are hiding

There is a very deep and major crisis on most of the American continent but they are still lying and telling that it is the ocean current and seaweed.

The magnetic field is aberrant in the field now where was nothing wrong before I marked it in some of my publications months ago. The gas balances are unstable. The winds, rainfalls are out of balance. The ocean water is out of balance. The ocean has warmed up so much from the bottom. Ground movement during the earthquakes is abnormal… These events keep happening everywhere in the region which indicates there are grave problems in the region. Creatures are dying strangely. Even people become suddenly ill because of the gases leaking into the environment.

The major disasters which are unprecedented in the known world history are coming by screaming but the American officials are trying to keep the traitor Ankara government and the traitor Moscow government afloat against me instead of doing something for the American people. They are trying hard to keep the human, organ and drug trafficking and the exploitation system around the world afloat. They are trying so hard to fawning over England and Israel. They are trying so hard to make China look like a world giant even though it can be destroyed with only one blow.

Those who have heard me from the USA and the American continent should send my warnings to the people they know. There will be unimaginable sufferings in the region. They should take precautions by their own means in a short time.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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