To hell with Ankara administration…

I will not agree with Ankara. It is not my interlocutor. It is not even my enemy. I will not stop until I smash those who support Ankara into the ground.

I will bury them in history, even if they are in the White House, in Kremlin, in the EU center, in the NATO center, in Vatican, in Spain, in Italy, in Israel, in Azerbaijan, in Germany… Even if they are in the underground cities under the ground of California, at the poles, even if they are above and under the ground of India, China or Russia.

And then, I will show the world that Ankara is just consist of a few bugs that need to be stepped on.

No one should listen to the rumors and no one should involve wrong plans. Those who were deceived before by similar games shouldn’t be deceived and exploited now and they shouldn’t waste time because of them.

I also will not agree with Putin and Asad. I will make Asad pay for what he did. I am just waiting for the right time and making the conditions advanced. I will not agree with the groups called FETO. I want to trample them before everyone else.

I will not only collapse the balances of Turkiye upon them but all the balances of the world. They will not be able to breath even in other countries. They will be extradited to Turkiye in time and I will get whatever needs to be done.

There are enough groups within and outside of our country. As I always said, if not this way, then we will do this my way. It’s time will be extended, we will reach those days by suffering but the result will not change. I am still saying the same thing. The world will turn upside down, and I will not involve or fix anything, I will not protect it. It will take place across the entire world. No one will be able to stand against me. This is why I will not be in a rush. I will not create opportunities by acting with good intentions and mercy. I will try to get the job done by sending the characterless, ruleless ones to hell as many as I can.

I don’t need the useless crowds. I don’t need the cowards, ingrates, devilish people, the unreliable ones, the worthless ones. Less is more… I can conquer the world and even the worlds with them.

Do not pay any attention to the plans, projects, promises which my name is involved without confirmation from me.

I will not correct this world without burning and destroying it. Because my interlocutors’ actions and decisions showed that they wanted it to be this way. And I am tired of giving advices to them, warning and tolerating them. Now, I am busy with preparing the mind-blowing, dreadful last scenes that they want.

Don’t worry about that, there is divine justice and everyones get what they deserve. I’ve got tea, eid tea, would you like some?

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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